Professional cleaning services in Mallorca

We clean, organise and take care of your space as if it were our own

And from the moment you open the door of your home or business to us, your concerns about cleaning and maintenance become ours.

It does not matter whether we are talking about high windows, the bottom of a swimming pool, the end of a building project or a 5-star hotel room. From the kitchen in your home to a professional one. All projects are equally important to us. No space is too small or too big for us. From a chain of hotels to a private home. And from a housing community to a restaurant, industrial building, commercial venue or any type of holiday accommodation.

Our services are available to all and we adapt to the needs and specific features of each customer.


You can trust us with your eyes closed because ours are always open


We are determined to not miss a speck of dust so you can have complete peace of mind when using our cleaning service.

From the moment you accept our quote, you no longer need to worry about the organisation, cleaning and maintenance of your home, venue, hotel or establishment.

Our team of professionals is equipped and trained to make the difference between a basic cleaning job and an excellent one. We have the right machinery, specific tools and quality products, as well as a fleet of vehicles that allows us to respond quickly and move freely around the island.

Thanks to this and our responsiveness, you can be sure that LIMPIEZAS MALLORCA will look after your space in a responsible and careful manner... As if it were our own!

We are your cleaning company and these are the services we offer


Trust in our cleaning services!

We are always here to offer advice and resolve any queries related to cleaning.